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Ocean Mining

Ocean Mining

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The Horton “Deep Ocean Mining System” is designed to provide a controlled method for mining minerals in deepwater. The basis of the design is the modular frame. The mining frame is deployed from a catamaran support vessel designed to manage the frame and mining equipment as well as providing all service and maintenance. The mining frame can be deployed in a controlled grid for systematic excavation of the ore field. Key Features of the mining system:

  1. Ballasted modular frame
  2. Deployed as a complete unit or in individual components
  3. Components can be easily retrieved for repair and maintenance
  4. Two or more frames can be combined.
  5. Self-leveling frame base for varying topography
  6. Simple chain drive system can be powered by hydraulic or electric motor.
  7. Unique air/water riser ore lift system.
  8. Land based type mining tools adapted for subsea environments.
  9. GPS work over barge moves independent from the frame system